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Many people that get intrested in astronomy often forget that they are standing on the most easily observed of the planets in the Solar System, Earth. The Earth is probably the most diverse and beautiful of all the planets. Earth is able to sustain a wide variety of life, maintain a large variety of weather and envioronment, and is the only planet that we know of with a large supply of water covering the majority of its surface.


The astronomynut is not one to discuss the origins of the universe, but regardless of the source of life on Earth it is agreeable that man , the dominant species on Earth, has moved forward with leaps and bounds. In just a few thousand years we have went from simple farmers and nomads to looking at the sky and not wondering if we will get to other worlds but when. We have built our cities to massive heights, and have millions of people in just a few miles. We do have our problems and may be our own destructors but we are just now in the infancy of our own technology, and perhaps we will learn to overcome our own downfalls and work together to advance ourselves even further.


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Distance from Sun:
1.00 AU
Sidereal revolution period:
365.26 days
Mass (Earth = 1):
Radius at Equator (Earth = 1):
Sidereal rotation period:
23.9 hours


The most prevelant feature of the Earth is the wide variety of plant and animal features. Everywhere you look you will find life, from the deserts to the deepest reaches of the sea. I personally do not know if evolution is a fact or not, but I do see that all life seems to work together not as a organism of the Earth but as a part of an world that we are a part of it. The fact that we a given everything we need is amazing. But we also must respect our planet, and always be aware of our changing world. We always have to be on the lookout freom volcanoes, earthquakes, and floods. But as long as there is an Earth it seems that there will be life in our little section of the Universe. 


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